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Newz Reporters is a multifaceted news portal based in Noida with a team of highly-experienced professionals. Launched on October 2, 2022, Newz Reporters is one of the fastest growing Hindi news portals in the country.

Newz Reporters is dedicated to helping people make important decisions in their lives. The website provides its users factual and helpful information with an aim to earn the trust of its readers and users.

Newz Reporters provides diverse, compelling and engaging articles, features and news pieces from India and around the world. Since Newz Reporters is firmly committed to the interests and needs of its readers, it serves robust and high-quality news.

Our aim is to deliver cutting edge news updates with insightful stories, authentic and useful content and other information.

The website offers daily updates on various topics including business, sports, technology, lifestyle, automobile, entertainment and more. The website also offers multimedia features such as videos and web stories. Newz Reporters deliver unbiased and verified content spanning across all genres.

Our core values:

-Audience first: To provide fact-based and useful content to our readers, making sure they are informed and motivated.

-Our mission: To serve the interests of our readers, helping them make the best decisions

-Our people: We have a team of creative and talented individuals.

-Our content: Espousing the values of ethical journalism, we deliver unbiased, accurate and verified content.

-Our technology: To offer innovative technology to help enhance user experience.


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